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The following features specifically apply to each of the selected software. You are welcome to explore each of the features by clicking on the Software name.

Vision SR

vision sr pc

Vision SR is a comprehensive Vehicle Purchase, Stock, Sales and Distribution system. From Purchase Order and Receiving, Vehicle data are managed so that it can be easily matched with Vehicle Sales Order (SPK) from Customers based on Vehicle Type, Color and Transmission. Each transaction has its own supporting document and report. Stocks, Sales, incentive and other data can be exported by User that has related User access and analyzed according to your needs.

Features :

Vehicle Transactions

  • Data entered flows automatically in transactions such as Purchase Order, Receiving, Purchasing, Account Payable (AP), AP Aging, Stocks, Sales, Account Receivable (AR), AR Aging without double entry.

Complete Stock Keeping

  • Vehicle stocks are presented in 2 parts: Qty of Free Stocks and Qty of Picked Stocks. Free Stocks are vehicles which have not been assigned to any Sales Order (SPK) and can be sold to any customer. Picked Stocks are vehicles which are already matched with customer's Sales Order (SPK), in the process of becoming sold and therefore cannot be sold to other customer nor used for other transactions.

Vehicle Sales Order (SPK) Management Center

  • Manages Sales Order (SPK) form registration and Sales Order form distribution to salespeople. Once Sales Order forms are distributed in the system to salespeople, we can monitor all the Sales Order forms assigned to them.

Matching Sales Order (SPK) and Stock

  • Sales Order (SPK) and Stock are matched based on Vehicle Type, Color and Transmission. For every Sales Order our system can show you all possible free stocks (if any) that can match that Sales Order starting from the oldest stock to the newest one. This is done to help oldest vehicles in stock sold first before the new ones. Of course you are still free to choose which vehicles to sell first.

Sales Order (SPK) Status

  • A complete report of the history of vehicle transactions including Customer data, Vehicle data and documents, Matching, Down Payment, Delivery Order, Leasing, AR Payments.

Sales Report

  • Sales Reports can be grouped by Vehicle Type, Color, Customer, Sales Person, Sales Supervisor, Warehouse, City and Leasing/Non Leasing.

Delivery Plan

  • List of Customer and Vehicles with informations to decide whether it is ready to deliver or not.

Sales Incentive

  • Sales Incentive can be calculated using points assigned and/or percentage of Sales Price.

Profit and Loss

  • Profit and Loss report can take into account Cost of Goods Sold which may come from several sources such as Unit Cost of Goods Sold, Free Optionals and Free Accessories and also refund from Leasing/Insurance that come with the Unit sold.

E-Invoice for Tax Purposes

  • Sales Invoice can be exported into CSV form to be used for online tax purposes.